Computer, laptop & mobile phone repairs

Our mission: Improving quality of life of people by adjusting technology to individual needs. In Mellem we believe that technology makes life easier, therefore we aim to provide the newest available devices for people in our neighbourhood. Why to choose Mellem? You don't pay us for time of work, but for service delivered. After a short chat and identifying the issue we will provide you with a set price for all work which needs to be carried out. You will get a quick answer to your problem from qualified engineers. You will get effective and efficient installation and settings.

How we may help you?

We will help to choose/build a new computer. Change of processors, graphic cards and other components. Cleaning devices from dust + applying fresh thermal paste on processor (Arctic Cooling MX2), which will improve cooling of your computer and in most of cases it will work quieter
Recovering of deleted data (removed from Windows trash folder, from HDD or memory cards). Installing and updating drivers of your devices. Installing operating systems (Linux, Windows). Removing Trojans, Malware, Spyware. Flashing firmware (official & non-official) for Android, Apple IOS, Blackberry OS
Resolving problems with your WiFi (range, connecting additional devices). Configuring new computer network in your office or at home.
if you value your time and you don't want to leave home, we can solve your problem via the Net (not everything is possible to repair this way). You can also send your device to our service and we will repair it and send back to you within few days!

How does it work?

Do you have a problem with your mobile phone or you have a broken screen? We will repair the phone for you. Bring or send it to us :) It's so easy.
Diagnostic, more and more...
Don't you know what happened with your device? Don't worry, we will find a solution for you.